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Haarlem, December 9, 2021 – Today, Dutch tech startup Taka Insights and commodity market expert Judith Ganes launch a new data intelligence platform for the commodity industry. Taka Insights provides buyers and sellers an advantage, merging its large-scale data processing capabilities with the decades of market knowledge of Ganes to offer unique content and an array of actionable indicators.

Assisting Market Players With Distinct Indicators

Gathering all information for day-to-day decision-making as a commodity professional can be cumbersome and time-consuming. By utilizing the platforms’ distinct indicators with well-known industry statistics, it is leveraging technology to make complex information actionable. For instance, the GrowthView feature combines remote sensing technology and relevant crop growth cycle insights, allowing the platform to alert its users about the potential yield losses and/or gains in a timely manner.

Collaborating With Industry Expert Judith Ganes

One of the first milestones of the Dutch start-up is joining forces with world-renowned soft commodity expert Judith Ganes. Teaming up facilitates expanding the multitude of unique and actionable indicators available for Taka Insights users, helping to make smarter buying & selling decisions.

Recognizing the important role of sustainability in the agricultural sector, Judith and the team of Taka Insights are currently making their first strides on effective Co2 tracking at origin. "After years of visiting coffee-producing countries and beginning to see the impact of climate change, it is nice to be part of the team working on this cutting-edge platform. Taka Insights harnesses information that can lead to a brighter future for the entire coffee value chain", says Judith Ganes.

Coffee As A First Focus


Whilst unraveling coffee as a first commodity, the platform embedded scalability, and a multi-commodity mindset from the start. Taka Insights, therefore, aims to accelerate the roll-out of its offering by entering two new commodity markets in the next six months.

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